Charleston Pumps And Specialties
1181 Truxton Avenue
Charleston SC 29405
Office (843)-743-2709  Fax  (843)-747-4922

 Charleston Pumps

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1181 Truxton Avenue
Charleston, SC 29405

Jimmy Gillespie
Mobile 843-367-7533 24hrs

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Charleston Pumps And Specialties
PO BOX 70188
1181 Truxtun Avenue
Old Naval Shipyard Building 226
North Charleston, SC 29405

Main (843)743-2709
Fax   (843)747-4922

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The Advantages

Local resource that you can deal with face-to-face. Work directly with you to setup and monitor preventative maintenance programs
Because we are physically available, can help you troubleshoot when the source of your problem is not readily apparent

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