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Charleston SC 29405
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 Charleston Pumps

Charleston Pumps and Specialties is a locally based, comprehensive industrial repair facility. We rebuild a wide variety of positive displacement and centrifugal pumps, including end suction and split-case (double-suction) pumps. We have extensive experience with water pumps, paper stock pumps, vacuum pumps, chemical pumps, slurry pumps, condensate pumps, and many others, by manufacturers that include, Goulds, Allis-Chalmers, ITT, Ahlstrom (sulzer), Warren, Bingham, Durco, Worthington, LaBour and others.

We also rebuild a wide variety of other types of rotating equipment including screen elements, PIV and gear units, refiner elements, and clutches from manufacturers such as Bird, Voith, Beloit, Falk, Beliot-Jones, Link Belt and others.

Our technicians share a wide variety of experiences in many fields of the industry. Among those fields are industrial equipment rebuilds and service, pneumatic and hydraulic handling equipment, steam turbine power generation, machine shop fabrication, and industrial equipment installation and alignment. We also provide preventive maintenance programs for all industrial needs.

Charleston Pumps and Specialties is committed to providing the highest quality repair and maintenance services performed by highly skilled, dedicated employees that are locally based in South Carolina. To sustain our vision and mission of providing the highest quality of service in the area, we constantly look for new technology and methodology for improving turnaround time and preventing the high cost associated with downtime. Best practices and continuous process improvements are our mainstays.

Our Goal is to provide you with complete customer satisfaction

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